Beverage Industry
  1. Coca Cola Bahrain: Supply of conveyors, Twisterbox, Palletizer and Stretch Wrapper. Supply of Air conveyor, supply of multiple inspection machines for cans, glass and PET containers.


  1. Coca Cola AGL (UAE): Inspection equipment and filler management. Supply of Air conveyor. Customized a multipack system into an existing line including the supply of conveyors and palletizers


  1. Mahmoud Saeed Beverages Industris -Bcola (Saudi Arabia): Supply of De-palletizer and conveying system for empty bottles. Re-furbishement and commissioning of a used PALLETIZER. Supply of Air conveyor for PET bottles.


  1. PEPSI COLA (Egypt): Supply of Empty Bottle inspection for all of their plant segregated over the Egyptian land. Supply of conveying systems and integration of inspection machines.


  1. COCA COLA (Egypt): Supply of multiple inspection machine for full cans and bottles.


  1. AL AHRAM BEVERAGES - HEINEKEN (EGYPT): supply of multiple inspection systems for pressure =, fill level, label inspections for all plants Bader, Obour and Sharkieh.


  1. Saudi Industrial Projects Co. SIPCO, PEPSI (Jeddah Saudi Arabia): Installation of a Line Data system to collect production data and present it into a giant screen.


  1. SMLC - PEPSI (Lebanon): Supply of De-Palletizer and Palletizer for crates. Integration of a sleeving machine in supplying of slat chain conveying system.


  1. ALMAZA - HEINEKEN (Lebanon): supply of full pallet handling system, supply of Empty bottles conveyors.


  1. GIC - AMSTEL (Jordan): supply of inspection equipment.


  1. Jordan Ice - PEPSI (Jordan): supply of inspection equipment.


  1. Coca Cola (Jordan): supply of Empty bottle inspection and full can check.


  1. AL SHAHD (Jordan): Supply of inspection for malt drink inspection.


  1. Refreshment Trading Company - Coca Cola (Kuwait): supply of empty bottle inspection and full bottle inspection. 45-206 lebanon
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