Juice Industry
  1. AUJAN SOFT DRINKS INDUSTRY - RANI (Saudi Arabia): Supply of Inspection for vacuum in bottles and nitrogen pressure in cans, as well as filler management system. Palletizer and De-palletizer.


  1. Gulf Union Foods Factory - ORIGINAL (Saudi Arabia): Complete filling line integration at a speed of 36000BPH, Hot fill, for PET and Glass bottles. Supply of Fill level and vacuum detection. Integration of a new capper with modification of line control. Supply of pack transport system up to the warehouse including palletizer and stretch wrapper. Supply of Air conveyor in addition to upgrading an existing air conveyor system.


  1. Union Beverages Factory (UAE): supply of fill level detection for the can lines.


  1. International Refreshment Company - TROPICANA (Saudi Arabia): supply of inspection machine to detect pressure inside malt drinks bottles and vacuum inside juice bottles.


  1. AL AMOUDI BEVERAGES INDUSTRIES (Saudi Arabia): Inspection system to detect vacuum inside filled bottles of Juice.


  1. PAMPA (Lebanon): supply of leaking bottles detection system.


  1. LIBAN JUS- MACCAW (Lebanon): Supply and integration of Empty bottles conveyors using container transport system. Supply of Ketchup and sauces filling machine.


  1. PEPSI Oman: supply of inspection systems.

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