Water Industry
  1. HANA Water (Saudi Arabia): Supply of conveyors to integrate 2 Shrink wrappers and Palletizer into an existing line. Supply of a pallet collection system from the production lines to the warehouse.


  1. MAKKAH Water (Saudi Arabia): Supply of metal detection system inside PET bottles, as well a full inspection system for caps using vision system.


  1. NOVA Water (Saudi Arabia): supply of multiple inspection machines on all their production lines.


  1. NESTLE Waters Dammam (Saudi Arabia): Supply of a complete filling line for PET Water bottles.


  1. AL MANHAL WATER (Saudi Arabia): Supply of inspection equipment for fill level and cap.


  1. NESTLE Waters (UAE): supply of Robot system for 5G.


  1. Zam Zam Water (Saudi Arabia): Supply of 4 robot systems to palletize 5L bottles.


  1. FAYHA AL QUASSIM (Saudi Arabia): conveying system for 5G bottles and complete inspection system for the cap integrity and label correctness using high-tech vision systems.


  1. SOHAT (Lebanon): supply of conveyors for shrink packs, upgrade of palletizer control.


  1. SAMA Water (Jordan): Inspection appliances supply.


  1. RIM Water (Lebanon): supply of Robot system to palletize 5G bottles.


  1. RAYAN Water (Qatar): supply of inspection equipment.

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